house clean

House Washing

For most of us, our home is our biggest asset and like it to look it's best. Giving your home a wash is probably the most economical face lift it can have. Not only does it look great, it will increase the longevity of painted surfaces. Generally speaking. A dirty house has mould, dirt, some spiders webs and road grime. Over time, this combination will damage and stain the paint work.

Your paint is safe with us.
When we wash your house, the water pressure used is little stronger than a garden hose. The secret to cleaning, as with the internal of your home is the use of chemicals. We treat the outside of your home with a mould killing agent before we start the wash down. We have purchased house washing specific machinery from the USA which ensures the best possible results when washing your home. Your house will be cleaned from the gutters to the ground including screens, stairs and hand rails etc.

You'll receive our "House wash preparation guide" which will guide you through the steps necessary to ensure the safety of your belongings before we arrive. Don't worry about heavy objects. We can move them for you.

Something very important.
You'll know the exact cost of the job before we arrive. We don't leave you guessing.

For as little as $220. Your home can have a new lease on life.

concrete clean

Concrete Cleaning

Whether it be concrete, stenciled concrete, clay pavers, stone or block walls. We can bring them back to life.

We have four concrete cleaning machines capable of cleaning large areas in a relatively short period of time. We've gained favour with Body Corporates due to the ability to complete jobs with minimal disruption to residents. We recently completed all the pavers and kerbings throughout an 89 townhouse complex in a little over a day.

Drive and pathways, block walls and stone have porous surfaces that are perfect homes for mould to live and breed. When we clean your concrete, we treat it first with a mould killing agent. Just using a machine is not enough. It's called a surface cleaner for a reason. The concrete will look lovely and clean but live mould spores remain and will begin regrowth immediately. In a couple of months your concrete will be black again.

There's no sense in dispersing live mould spores from one area to another. Mould is an airborne fungi that will find a new home on the side of your house or roof. We kill it first, then remove it.

Sandstone requires a more gentle technique. It's strong but brittle. High pressure will certainly remove granules. We can clean sandstone with a garden hose. Ask us how. No matter what you have. Chances are it can be cured. We've even done the odd head stone.

Roof pressure clean

Roof cleaning

We do things a little differently to most and roof cleaning is where great care must be taken to ensure not only the best possible cleaning result but also retain the integrity of your roof and interior of your home.

High vs low pressure roof cleaning.
We much prefer the low pressure option and here's why. Most contractors like to use high pressure concrete cleaning machines to clean your roof. These machines have two water jets that are angled and rotate very quickly. These machines can and sometimes do push water underneath roof tiles and into the ceiling. Most of us take great care when washing your house, using low pressure systems to ensure the protection of painted surfaces etc. Your tiled roof is painted. So why isn't that same care taken on a very weather vulnerable part of your home?

Our system of cleaning your tiled roof is not that far removed from the way we would wash your house. A four part cleaning and mould removal solution is applied to the roof. We leave it to dwell and rinse the roof clean. All with little more pressure than a garden hose. Our system not only protects you roof and interior from potential damage. It will far outlast cleaning done with a rotary machine.

Lichen is an organism made up of fungi and algae that is found mostly on terracotta roofs. It's sometimes found on a tin or tiled roof. I describe it as looking like a small flat cabbage so it's easily identifiable. Lichen has roots that take hold on a tile and is almost impossible to remove whilst alive. Using our "Treat it first" philosophy, we can remove lichen with a relatively low pressure rinse.

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