concrete-cleaning-brisbaneWhether it be concrete, stenciled concrete, clay pavers, stone or block walls. We can bring them back to life.

We have four concrete cleaning machines capable of cleaning large areas in a relatively short period of time. We’ve gained favour with Body Corporates due to the ability to complete jobs with minimal disruption to residents. We recently completed all the pavers and kerbings throughout an 89 townhouse complex in a little over a day.

Drive and pathways, block walls and stone have porous surfaces that are perfect homes for mould to live and breed. When we clean your concrete, we treat it first with a mould killing agent. Just using a machine is not enough. It’s called a surface cleaner for a reason. The concrete will look lovely and clean but live mould spores remain and will begin regrowth immeadiately. In a couple of months your concrete will be black again.

There’s no sense in dispursing live mould spores from one area to another. Mould is an airbourne fungi that will find a new home on the side of your house or roof. We kill it first, then remove it.

Sandstone requires a more gental technique. It’s strong but brittle. High pressure will certainly remove granules. We can clean sandstone with a garden hose. Ask us how.

No matter what you have. Chances are it can be cured. We’ve even done the odd head stone.